Django Models Fields

21 March, 2020 - 3 min read

Learn all the django model fields and use them effectively in your django project. This post has django model fields reviews and example code. Choosing a django model field type is like choosing a c++ or java variable type and you have to be correct.

Django object relational mapper (ORM) helps developers define and manipulate database tables using python code. This tutorial will highlight the different fields that django introduces to make the OR more effective and reliable.

Writing better models is the best way to make the whole application development process easy and manageable. I wrote already on ways to improve your django models definition. And you can visit the post if you haven't visited it.

When you define a model, the important part is the fields you will define in your model class. If you need to define the fields well you need to know all the fields there to know in django.

You fields must not conflict with python or django predefined variables e.g save, delete, clean.

Django model example

This is a typical django model class

from django.db import models school_category = ( ('high-school', 'High School'), ('primary-school', 'Primary School'), ('college-institute', 'College / Institute'), ('university', 'University'), ) class School(models.Model): boarding_s = ( ('non-boarding', 'Non-Boarding'), ('boarding', 'Boarding'), ) boards = ( ('zimsec', 'ZiMSEC'), ('cambridge', 'CAMBRIDGE'), ) id = models.AutoField(primary_key=True) admin = models.OneToOneField(User, on_delete=models.CASCADE) name = models.CharField('School Name', max_length=30, unique=True) logo = models.ImageField(_("School Logo"), upload_to="school/media/", null=True, blank=True) category = models.CharField(_("School Category"), choices=school_category, default="high-school", null=True, blank=True, max_length=50) exams = models.CharField(_("Exam Boards"), max_length=50) country = CountryField(_("Country"), default="ZW")

As you can see, choosing a field type for storing the data is more like deciding which data type to use when writing a java or c++ code. You have to choose the appropriate field type for each field.

Django ships with field validation for each particular data type. Choosing the right field will also help you when dealing with django forms, especially model forms.

Let's review the most useful django model fields and when to use one.


Django model AutoField is an integer field that auto increments. You can set other arguments such as primary_key which will help set the AutoField to as your table primary key.


class School(models.Model): id = models.AutoField(primary_key=True)


This is more like the django AutoField but has more bits. It is a 64-bit integer.


class Products(models.Model): code = models.BigAutoField()


CharField is a field that takes characters. It is used for small to large strings. For every CharField definition, you should define the max_length argument.

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